Sunday, 22 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 5 - Shrines, and Crazy Robots

Today was a mixture of shrine visiting, and the craziness of Robot Restaurant. We got up early to grab breakfast (steamed dumpling from Family Mart - I got a bit addicted to them on our trip), and visited the Meiji and Senso-Ji-Ji temples. Whilst both were equally impressive and beautiful, we loved visiting the Senso-Ji temple the most. 

At the Senso-Ji temple, we donated some yen and rattled a box of sticks to get a wish. These wishes could be picked up from the corresponding cabinet, which included your fortune on a piece of paper. Casey's was scarily accurate, and both of us were pleased that we were granted good fortunes. Bad fortunes could be tied to lengths of string in the temple, where blessings were said for your good health. 

We also bought some votive plaques which we added our wishes to. On one, Casey wished for the success of our new marriage, and on the other, we wished for the good health of my aunt, and Casey's best friend, who are both fighting their own battles with cancer right now. 

We then ended up visiting the Tokyo Skytree to check out the Pokemon Store. The Skytree itself was a little expensive for the observatory decks, and as we had already checked out free views of the city, we didn't bother with this. The Pokemon Centre here was packed, but we managed to grab a few bits of merch before heading back to Shinjuku in time for the Robot Restaurant. 

The Robot Restaurant is a totally tourist thing to do, but it was so much fun! It's also the most insane, most crazy Japan thing I've ever experienced. When you enter, the floor to the ceiling are dripping in glittering gold decor. You're seated in conch shells with cocktails in their waiting area before guided to your seats. We were lucky enough to be placed in the front room, and ordered a bento box of sushi each to eat during the show. This 2 hour show incorporated huge remote controlled robots, vibrant floats, dancers, singers, and musicians in costumes. It was packed with pyrotechnics, catchy music and insane battles. Definitely recommend this - it remains one of the highlights of my trip! 

We ended up heading back to the Shinjuku Black Hole for our second visit for dinner tonight, and cooked up even more delicious beef. This place needs to be tried, trust me. Food just isn't the same now I'm home!

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