Tuesday, 24 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 7 - Disney Sea

Whilst yesterday was reserved for the Disneyland park, our second pass was to be used for a second day, this time at Disney Sea! Another very hot and sunny day, there wasn't half the amount of visitors at this park as there was the day before, so it felt a lot more relaxed this time around. To walk freely without being caught in a mass of people shuffling around the park was quite pleasant, and for that reason, I enjoyed Disney Sea slightly more (although I preferred the ride line-up in Disneyland).

Rides we went on:
Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull - this was great! You're seated in open-top cars, and are sent juttering along a track at fast speed. An animatronic Indiana Jones is seen along the way, running from bolders, to dodging snakes. As an Indy fan, I really enjoyed this.

Sindbad's Storybook Voyage - this is Disney Sea's answer to It's A Small World, but I found the song they were repeatedly singing a lot less grating than 'It's a Small World'. It's very colourful, and Sindbad's tiger companion is rather cute. Sure, this one is probably aimed at kids, but we enjoyed spending 5 minutes out on a slow boat ride through this cheerful song.

Tower of Terror - this is the second time I've ever been on this, and I'm still terrified of it! I hate the drop feeling in rides, which is why I'm not the bravest when it comes to the more adult-aimed rides. My hands go clammy, and I'm pretty nervous when I'm queuing up...but Casey loves it, and I agree to go on as I drag him on a lot of the tame stuff!

The Magic Lamp Theatre - this was a 3D interactive show featuring the Genie, and some magic! I was a bit disappointed in this, though, as the Genie barely features in it, and the live show was entirely in Japanese, so I literally had no idea what was happening. Sure it was fun for the people who could understand it, though!

Mermaid Lagoon Theatre - I loved this! This brief live show featured some songs from The Little Mermaid, with Flounder and scuttle puppets, an actor dressed up as Ariel, and a huge, impressive animatronic Triton.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth - we queued for ages for this. For the most part, it was a slow decent to the centre of the earth, with animatronics, heat and water, but suddenly, it upped the ante at the end. The ride suddenly blasts off at a high speed, to drop at the end like a log flume. I didn't expect it to be a proper rollercoaster after the beginning, so that was a cool surprise.

We also checked out the park's Halloween parade (that seemed to be on non-stop all day, so the song ended up stuck in my head for ages after), and we bought a few bits in the parks shops. We ended up riding a few more attractions than in Disneyland, but unfortunately the queues started increasing rapidly as the day went on, so we didn't manage to check out everything. The Mermaid Lagoon area though was beautiful!

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