Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 8 - Osaka

Day 8 marked our first time we'd ever taken the Bullet Train! We travelled from Tokyo station to Osaka, a 2 and a half hour journey roughly. The Bullet Train is incredibly fast, the highest speed reaching 200 miles an hour, and you get this strange floating feeling when it reaches full capacity (I later found out that as the trains powered by electromagnets on the track, it is actually floating off the rails!).

When we arrived in Osaka, we had a little time to kill before we could check into our next room, so we decided to go for a wander. We visited a local shrine which like all the others we've visited, was beautiful, headed up to an observation deck, and we grabbed some food. Our flat was ready for check-in at 3pm, so we dumped our belongings, then headed out to have a further explore.

Osaka at night time is stunning! Like Tokyo, there's so many neon signs everywhere, and there's a happy, relaxed atmosphere. I ended up taking photos of so many of the creative and oversized shop-front signs, featuring animated crabs, sushi, and more that we saw in the lively district Dontonbori. 

We chanced upon the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe whilst deciding where to go for dinner. Tucked away in a side street, it was very quiet in there, and we were one of the first to be seated. It turns out, they run a special competition for the first of the evening, where we're all given raffle tickets to win some Final Fantasy prizes. Me and my husband only went and won the grand prize - a huge Moogle dessert! 

For any English speakers, the menu is entirely in Japanese and they don't have translations, but with the Google translation app, we were able to decide what to get. Me and Casey ended up choosing a main meal made up of 3 small dishes - some sort of beef stew, crab, and a salad. People often complain online that themed cafes aren't the best for food, but this was delicious! There was a huge amount of choice on themed cocktails too, which we picked. As well as being a pretty nice subtly themed restaurant, the meal wasn't too expensive either. The staff also give you a Final Fantasy coaster for each item you order on the menu, so we came home with a few freebies. I'd definitely recommend checking this place out if you're a fan of the series.

After trying and failing to finish our epic dessert, we took a slow walk back to our apartment, feeling incredibly fat, full, but happy. 

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