Monday, 22 January 2018

I Love This Dead Space 'Ishimura' T-Shirt from Insert Coin!

I've been buying from Insert Coin Clothing for a while now. Their t-shirts are always super-soft and great quality, and the print doesn't seem to fade after repeated washes...just what you want for a tee, really. They also create some pretty subtle designs, based off of both new and classic video games. Gamers will love the subtle nods, non-gamers will probably appreciate the striking prints regardless.

A few days ago, the lovely folks at Insert Coin sent me a Dead Space 'Ishimura' t-shirt, which I love! Check it out below.

The Print 
The print reminds me of vintage NASA t-shirts, which is the part of the reason why it grabbed me so much. It serves as the logo for the USG Ishimura, the doomed mining ship that becomes infested with incredibly creepy Necromorphs. With the rest of the crew dead or infected, players traversed the lonely hallways as Isaac, with the aim to repair the ship while trying to survive at the same time. In my opinion, the best way to describe Dead Space is 'Resident Evil + Ridley Scott's Alien + The Thing = Dead Space'. 

It's a high quality print, and if it's anything like my previous Insert Coin t-shirts, this one will most likely retain it's quality through repeated washes. 

The Fit 
I grabbed this in their 'girly' fit. Coming up like a sort of looser, boyfriend fit style that flatteringly nips in at the sides, its the perfect fit for a taller woman like myself, or someone who isn't looking for the super-slim style that women's t-shirts tend to be sold in.  

I would definitely double-check the size guide before you purchase, though, as t-shirts tend to differ, depending on the style and shape you're looking at. 

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And finally...
So to round this all off, here's some photos this self-confessed cat lady took with her two cats, Jessie and Percy, while wearing this new tee:

And that's the difference between my two cats, in two photos!
Percy is the wriggler, and hand nibbler. Jessie the poser.

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