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My Favourite Mario Kart Courses from Each Game!

Super Mario Kart turned 25 yesterday! The now renowned and popular series paved the way for fun item-shooting racing games that we've all come to know and love. Allowing players the chance to race as one of their favourite Mario heroes or enemies, the game offered a bunch of truly fantastic tracks, as well as a multi-player Battle Mode. 

To celebrate the games anniversary, join me as I share my favourite course from each of the games so far. 

Super Mario Kart 

Rainbow Road 

There's no way I could do a list like this without mentioning Rainbow Road somewhere! The track that has no doubt made plenty of people utter profanities as they slipped to their doom, Rainbow Road provided a challenging final course in Super Mario Kart's Special Cup. Pretty simple in design, this multi-coloured road offered sharp bends, angry Thwomps, and holed-up pathways. The simplicity is deceiving, as when you're trying to traverse this with other players, there's no doubt at one point you'll find yourself being nudged off the side. 

Rainbow Road also included some truly memorable music, and has since seen several reiterations throughout the games 25-year history.

Mario Kart 64 

Mario Circuit

The creative, more interactive courses are definitely the most memorable, sometimes the simpler ones are just as Nintendo 64's Mario Circuit. Making it's appearance in Super Mario Kart, Mario Circuit for the Mario Kart 64 provided updated graphics, the addition of Peach's castle, and piranha plants.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Bowser Castle 2

The fourth course in Super Circuit, Bowser Castle 2 not only contained great music, but the design is pretty neat, too. It features gaping holes filled with lava, falling Thwomps, and jumping ramps. 

Mario Kart: Double Dash! 

Dino Dino Jungle

Mario Kart Double Dash! always seemed like the underrated Mario Kart, in my opinion. I for one enjoyed the 2 characters to one kart aspect, and have fond memories of playing this through with my brother. My favourite course from this game.

Dino Dino Jungle reappeared in Mario Kart 7, but with the addition of tricks and gliding sections. 

Mario Kart DS

Luigi's Mansion

The fourth track in the Mushroom Cup, Luigi's Mansion offered a brand new take on the series memorable ghost courses. A dingy course that takes racers into the mansion, players will also have to try avoiding creepy-looking walking trees and mud patches.

Mario Kart Wii

Maple Treeway 

I always seem to like the courses that contained cannon sections, and Maple Treeway is one of them! After beginning the course by being propelled upwards by a canon, racers are taken through a maple tree-lined track that's littered with wrigglers to avoid, and boost pads to hit. 

Mario Kart 7

Melody Motorway/Music Park

My favourite course for Mario Kart 7 had to be Melody Motorway. This cheerful track is lined with musical instruments, such as the tuba, piano, and drums. Players will get the chance to make sounds by driving over the piano, bouncing on the tambourine, and drifting on the glockenspiel. There's plenty of obstacles littering the way, but these can often be avoided by taking the gliding routes. 

Mario Kart 8

Shy Guy Falls

Shy Guy Falls has to be up there in my top 5 tracks of all time, for sure! The music is so cheerful, and the Shy Guys happily working along the sides of the track is pretty adorable. Cuteness aside, the courses' layout was pretty inventive, too. Racers drive themselves up a waterfall to come gliding down over the other side. The multi-levelled track takes players around wooden bridges, to raging waters.

Mario Kart 8 (for both the Wii U, and it's remastered version on the Switch) was the first Mario Kart to offer DLC, and I felt one of these needed an honourable mention, too... 

Hyrule Circuit

Being a Zelda fan, I loved that Mario Kart had finally added a Zelda course! This track took players through Hyrule castle, and around the castle grounds. Coins were replaced by rupees, and classic Zelda enemies made an appearance. Even down to the little details such as memorable sound effects, this track is a complete joy to zip around.

What are your favourite Mario Kart tracks? 
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