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Things We Want from Sea of Thieves

If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll see lately that I've been plunging into the world of pillaging with my husband Casey, and two friends - fellow Geek Mash bloggers, Neil and Ross, on Sea of Thieves. While we've been having great fun sailing the seas together, there's no denying that Sea of Thieves could do with a bit more content, to keep it fresh. 

This got us talking about what we'd like to see if we had the choice to add a litle more to the game. Here's what we came up with as a group!

More Quest Types
This is the area where reviews have been a little critical on - the lack of differing quest types. Sea of Thieves involves island hopping to dig up chests, grab skulls, and raid barrels for the ships supplies. While they're all great fun when playing with a group, it also becomes repetitive.

More quest types will broaden the game, and keep things refreshing. Of course, pirates are known for their plundering, so an element of gathering treasure will be emphasised in most quests, but there must be different ways to convey this, other than following a map to buried treasure, or shooting down some skeletons. A story mode, even if it's short, would be ideal for players who prefer sailing the seas solo, plus it also adds that extra dimension to the game.

We all felt that more puzzle-based quests that involve a bit of co-operation between players to solve, and booby-trapped treasure that springs open enemies when you least expect it would keep players on their toes. 

NPC Boats
One thing we all agreed on was that the player-vs-player ship battles are quite satisfying, especially when things fall in your favour. However, not everyone likes battling one another. The introduction of the odd NPC ship not only provides another angle to grab treasure, but it also fills the hole for those of us looking for a bit more open-sea combat. 

Also, the ghost ship players are sent to temporarily when they die has such a great design to it. We all agreed that seeing these on the sea during the night time occasionally would offer a spooky additional encounter. Like the Kracken, these encounters could happen sporadically, without any prior warning, and could offer additional spooky treasures that could earn you a decent amount of gold.

Friendly Pirate Island
It'll be nice to have a friendly area in Sea of Thieves that pirates can flock to and talk, without the combat, and thieving. We pictured it as an area like Pirates of the Caribbean's Tortuga, where pirates can knock back grog in the bar, swap stories, and the like. While some people might find this is a little dull, it's a good opportunity for people to talk to like-minded players, and potentially form a crew if they're lacking in shipmates.

Leading on from this, Ross put forward the idea that building your own Armada would be great fun, and an area such as the 'friendly pirate island' would help to achieve this.

Different Enemy Types
So far, Sea of Thieves enemy encounters encompass three different types - other players, skeletons, or the Kracken. To give it a little bit of variety, we all discussed the different enemy types that we'd love to see. Legendary pirates, both rising from the dead as ghostly apparitions, and those around us in-game would be fantastic. While it's probably not possible to encompass pirates from other franchises (licenses are complicated, expensive things), we'd love to see Rare create their own legendary pirate captains, or lift from historical pirates from the past, such as Mary Read, and Blackbeard. 

Skeletons don't have to be the main enemy, here. Other pirates, visiting Davy Jones' Locker, giant whales, octopuses, sea serpents, and fighting aboard the Flying Dutchman are a few suggestions we threw out there.

More Customisation 
While the game currently offers clothing and ship customisations that can be purchased with your well-earned gold, it would be great to increase the options available. More hairstyles and colours, different ship customisations, tweaked weapons, and so forth, would help every player to create a greater personalised pirate, and a standout ship. 

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  1. I'm no fan of Pirate thingy games but this game looks fantastic. I must try playing this soonest, for I have to win first for now. Thanks for sharing Kayleigh!


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