Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Visiting Ichibuns, London!

Ever since returning from my Honeymoon in Japan in October last year, I've been missing that amazing food myself and Casey devoured during those two weeks away. We've tried re-creating ramen, noodle bowls, and Japanese curries ourselves at home, and although it was still tasty, it wasn't quite up to authentic cooking standards we had tried before out and about in Japanese restaurants.

A few friends had recommended Ichibuns, a restaurant based in London's bustling Chinatown. Encompassing a mixture of sushi, udon bowls, and burgers as their mains, Ichibuns seemed like an eatery that served the food that our tastebuds crave ever-so-often.

The Look
The restaurants exterior includes a striking and colourful Japanese front, which continues once seated inside. 

Inside contained vibrant walls, adorned with Japanese artwork and vintage posters, framed mangas, wooden cargo boxes lined with plants, and boxes of toys. 

Also..they have Japanese automated toilets, complete with heated seats and self cleaning!
Disclaimer: I wasn't on the toilet when I took this photo in the bathrooms :P
So they succeeded in the decor, but how was the food?

The Food
Oh, we weren't disappointed. Service time was super-quick, and after a brief wait, we were seated with our food and drinks of choice. Here's what we grabbed:

Casey had: Wagyu Niku Udon, a wagyu steamed bun, and hot sake (served in a science beaker!)

I had: Curry Chicken Udon, a wagyu steamed bun, and a Vanilla Miso Milkshake. 

We both thought the food was delicious. The udon noodles were thick, the meat was tender, and the broth was tasty. Personally, the steamed buns was my highlight. When we were travelling in Japan, I often grabbed steamed buns, either for lunch or breakfast, and it was honestly one of the tastiest things I had ever tasted. Ichibuns steamed buns were delicious, and came with a tub of spicy miso sauce for dipping. I had a taste of the sake which admittedly, could've been a little warmer for my liking, but it was a refreshing accompaniment to the food. My vanilla milkshake tasted pretty strong, but in a good way. That vanilla essence mixed with the ice cream was so good.

Apologies for the angle, but zoom in and take a look!
We were too full for dessert, but desser includes mochi ice cream, apple crumble, a coco noshi (a vegan icecream made from coconut water), green tea, and vanilla ice cream. As well as the aforementioned sushi, burgers and udon bowls, you've also got the choice of gyoza dumplings small bites such as their popular wagyu cheeseburger harumaki, and sides such as tempura.

The drinks menu is pretty comprehensive, including tea, juices, milkshakes, cocktails and mocktails, wine, beers, whisky, gin, and sake.

So if you're looking for a great restaurant in London that serves up Japanese food, then try out Ichibuns! I'll be hopefully returning again at the end of the month for my 30th birthday, and no doubt would visit again in the future.

Check out Ichibuns here:
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