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The Saddest Songs in Disney & Pixar Movies

Disney and Pixar are known for their emotional moments in film, and often these moments are connected by a song. Fresh off the heels of Coco's Best Original Song Oscar win for 'Remember Me', it got me thinking about the saddest songs in Disney and Pixar films, so join me as I count down what, in my opinion, are the saddest, sweetest musical moments.

'Remember Me': Coco

This song had me bawling my eyes out in the cinema. Remember Me crops up several times in Coco, but it's the final version sung by Miguel and his grandmother in the movie that got myself, and practically everyone else in the cinema, shedding a tear. 

Coco is a film that resonates with so many of us. It introduces children to the idea of love, loss, and the concept of death in such a heartwarming, appropriate way.

'Baby Mine': Dumbo

Conveying the love between the adorable baby Dumbo and his locked-up mother, 'Baby Mine' is a mix of sweetness and sadness. 

'I Will Go Sailing No More': Toy Story 

Poor Buzz! After spending part of the movie adamant that he was a real and not a toy, the realisation that Woody's repeated claims that 'you are a toy!" was the truth hits him...literally, in Randy Newman's 'I Will Go Sailing No More'.'

'When Somebody Loved Me': Toy Story 2

Another sad Toy Story moment! Coming from Toy Story 2, Jessie sings 'When Somebody Loved Me' to explain how toys are just tossed to the side and forgotten about when their owners get older. 

'Someone's Waiting for You': The Rescuers

This one is equal parts cute, and sad! 'Someone's Waiting for You' from The Rescuers is sung to the sweet little orphan, Penny, while she's upset. The lyrics will resonate with anyone who's suffering with loneliness, or a loss of love:

"Be brave little one
Make a wish for each sad little tear
Hold your head up though no one is near
Someone's waiting for you

Don't cry little one
There'll be a smile where a frown used to be
You'll be part of a love that you see
Someone's waiting for you"

'Reflection': Mulan

A lot of Disney's saddest songs deal with the idea of rejection, or not being accepted for who the character really is. Mulan is an excellent example of this. After embarrassing herself when she was supposed to bring honour to her family, Mulan breaks into 'Reflection', a beautiful ballad where she ponders on the girl she sees 'staring straight back at me' in the reflection of the water.

'God Help the Outcasts': The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Like 'Reflection', 'God Help the Outcasts' is another song conveying the emotions of those who don't quite fit in in society. Sung by the gypsy Esmerelda as she's seeking sanctuary inside Notre Dame, it's a pretty sad song sung from the heart, where she pleads to God to help 'the outcasts, the poor, and downtrod.'

'One Jump Ahead (Reprise)': Aladdin

Sensing a pattern, here? Sung by Aladdin after being sneered at by a Prince visiting the palace, the slower reprise of the catchy 'One Jump Ahead' sees Aladdin lament on how people only ever see him as a 'riffraff, street rat', but he's so much more than that. 

Any other sad Disney and Pixar songs you can think of? 
Let me know in the comments!

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