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If you wish me to check out a new game, make a comment on a trailer, link exchange, or for any other reason (eg. I am open for paid freelance work and the occasional guest post), please get in touch with me via my e-mail address:


Or alternatively, drop me a note on my Twitter, or Facebook.

If anyone wishes me to review their game, I would love to! Please get in touch. I'm open for game discs or download codes to be sent to me if this is the case. I will play and review games for Xbox 360, iPhone, Nintendo 3DS and DS, and Wii.

If you have come across something game related that you feel I would like to cover in my blog, please use the above email address to send the information to me. Thank you.

Guest Posts & Paid Freelance Writing
I am also available to write a guest post on your website on occasions, for a fee. 
I'm currently trying to get into paid freelance journalism, specialising in my love of games. If you like what you see, please get in touch!

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  1. I love your blog so much!! is the best I've ever read in my whole life!


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