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Lewis Terry created the digital paintings used on this blog.Check out Twin Sword Trading!

The following have kindly agreed to interviews with me:
Lewis TerryPixel creator, games enthusiast, blogger. 
Rebecca TerryGames enthusiast/fan artist.
Paul ClaxtonGames enthusiast.
Jess BradleyArtist.
Callum McInnessYouTube vlogger/Let's Play recorder.
Doctor Octoroc8-Bit games creator.
Samantha WhittenCreator of "GaMerCat": 
Gary HawkinsWriter of games blog "Gamesoup".
LocomalitoIndie games developer. Creator of "8-Bit Killer".
Jesse VenbruxGames developer. Famed for the "Karoshi" series.
Eric RuthGames developer. Famed for demakes.
Daisuke "Pixel" AmayaGames developer. Famed for "Cave Story". 
Ian Terry: Games developer. Famed for "Lasersquad, Rebel Star 2".
Eric Bailey: Writes for games blog, "Nintendo-Legend."
Dan Fornace: Games developer who created "Super Smash Land".
Roger Hicks: Creator of Celestial Mechanica. 
Kevin Sousa: Host of the Paranerds podcast.
Eric Kluthe: Web-comic artist. Creator of "Nerd Rage".
Zac Gorman: Comic artist. Creator of
Jerry Terrifying: Host of Mondo Cool Cast.
Classic L33T: An excellent, and funny gaming podcast. 
Jean-Francois Roy & Sebastien Duval: Developers. Creators of "Last Dragon Standing"
Tom Oliver: Comic strip artist. 
American McGee: Developer. Famed for "Alice" and "Alice: Madness Returns".
Ben Kane: Creator of "DLC Quest". 
OverClocked Remix: A site dedicated to video game music remixes.
brentalfloss: Video game music spoofer, and all-round decent guy. 

Great websites:
Twin Sword Trading: Great comics and art in an impressionism style!
NintyFansHuge Nintendo fan community which I Founded!
Official Nintendo MagazineNintendo Magazine UK.
Life Goes Strong: An informative site covering a range of areas.
Digitally Downloaded: An excellent source of regular gaming news and reviews.
Play Angry Birds Free: The title says it all! Other popular flash games also available.
Video-Game-Reviewers: A database of video game reviewers. Definitely worth a look!
What Culture: Regular news, reviews and features from everything entertainment!
Random Access: Random posts, including some great video game reviews!
Game N Trade: A store specialising in classic and retro video games and collectables.

Blogs to check out:
Twin Sword Trading Blog: Regular updates for the main Twin Sword Trading art store!
That Brit Otaku: A great blog about everything Japanese.
8 Bit HorseFocusing on 2D and retro games in particular.
Hidden ExitAn informative general gaming blog. 
App KingdomAn iPod games/app review site.
Squid Bits!Artist Jessica Bradley's blog.
Tenatios SpeaksAn upcoming gaming review blog.
Gnome's LairHosting a variety of great games posts.
Nes-BitHome to tons of interesting NES related posts. 
RetroSection: A website devoted to retro news, reviews and features
Kiravertere: A great gaming blog containing many great articles.
Geeky Gamer Girl: Enjoyable articles from a girl gamer. 
Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix: A mix of interesting gaming posts.
Jedi Beats Tank: Enjoyable and interesting gaming features.
Geek Girls Network: A site designed exclusively for geeky girls!
Septicor: A great mixture of film & gaming articles. 
Game Bullets: A blog focusing on GOTY editions of games.
Holy Grenade: An interesting mix of gaming articles and features. Check it out!
SuperPhillip Central: Video games...with a heroic touch!
Fleeting Films: An informative short film website.
Game-Cake: Bringing you some great video game rants!
Nik's Reviews: Informative, simple and clear game reviews...from Nik!
Classic Games Blog: A blog packed with retro game features!
Do You Remember: A place where modern people indulge their nostalgic passions. 
Super Luigi Bros.: A website dedicated to all things Mario!
Retro-Daze: Regular retro posts covering all aspects of pop culture.

Gaming Podcasts:
Game Developer's RadioA great podcast about game development.
Paranerds: Two guys talk about everything to do with games.

If you would like to link exchange with me, please get in touch!
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