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8-Bit Girl Game Art Giveaway! 18/05/12
Secret World Beta Has One Million Sign Up 13/05/12
Diablo 3 Short Film Announced 12/05/12
Cod: Modern Warfare 3 Free This Weekend on Steam 26/04/12
Rockin' Android To Release Bunny Must Die 20/04/12
Indie Royale's April Fools Bundle 05/04/12
Kermdinger Studios "vlogumentary" 12/03/12
SimCity Is Back! 07/03/12
Wyv and Keep Part of Indie Royale Bundle 29/02/12
Civilisation Expansion Announced 18/02/12
Assassin's Creed III Coming This October 15/02/12
New The Walking Dead Video & Screens 15/02/12
Valve Themed Valentines Cards 14/02/12
Skyrim Valentines 14/02/12
My Own Game Themed Valentines Cards! 14/02/12
Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing Sequel Confirmed 13/02/12
L.A. Noire Sequel Is A Maybe? 13/02/12
Alan Wake Heading to Steam in Feb 21/01/12
Dark Souls Coming to PC? 18/01/12
Minecraft Updated to V1.1 14/01/12
Alice: Madness Returns in The Sims Social 12/01/12
Experience the Agony of the Ancient Greeks 09/01/12
Old Republic Adds New Content 08/01/12
Disabled Girl Dating Sim Out Now 04/01/12

Support for Demon Souls to Carry On 20/12/11
Plants vs. Zombies-Hip Hop For Charity! 19/12/11
Soundtracks Bundled with Indie Games 19/12/11
Hands On: Arkham City (OnLive Version) 18/12/11
Mini Ninjas Coming to Google Chrome 10/12/11
HeroClix No Longer a Marvel Exclusive 09/12/11
Minecraft LEGO? 08/12/11
Old Republic Beta Pulls in 2 Million Players 06/12/11
Review: Eric Ruth's Halo 05/12/11
Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai 30/11/11
Skyrim Patch Coming Tomorrow 29/11/11
Total Recall Tie-In Game 10/11/11
Dead Island patch on it's way 08/11/11
Tomb Raider Anniversary Art Now Being Sold! 07/11/11
Dexter: Slice of Life review 07/11/11
Falling Out of Love with The Sims Social 06/11/11
8-Bit Warfare 21/10/11
Goats vs. Nazis NES Project 19/10/11
Ghost Recon Beta Key with Gamespot 18/10/11
Review: Audiosurf 03/10/11
Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Spellbound-03/09/11
Rockin' Android Ventures Onto Steam-02/09/11
The Sims Social: Addictive Fun-26/08/11
Review: Celestial Mechanica-24/08/11
Review: DJ Hero "de-make"-17/08/11
Preview: Wyv and Keep-20/07/11


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