Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An Interview with Locomalito

Today I got the opportunity to interview the creator of a variety of indie freeware games, such as 8-BIT Killer, and Hydorah, which are posted up under the pseudonym, Locomalito. Each game adopts a retro feel to it, and I wanted to find out why exactly Locomalito is clearly influenced by this, amongst other questions.

Q. What is it about game developing and video games in general that you enjoy?

A: I love to take the stuff that I like and turn it into a game, turning complex feelings and likes into simple games that can be played for fun.

Q. Out of the games you have created so far, 8-BIT Killer really appealed to me the most. It is clear that classic games such as those on the NES have been big influences. Why did you choose to use retro games as your influences?

A: Classic games are more focused on simple rules that can be understood in a few seconds, unlike games nowadays. They can be fun from the first moment to the end, as they require intense interaction (just like pinball, soccer or kids games). 

I think mainstream games are too wide to be played that way. They require tutorials, learning controls, following stories and dialogues, etc. It seems to be more "entertainment" than "fun"
Q. Have you ever considered expanding your games onto other platforms, such as the iPod?

A: Yes, I do, but it's not a priority for me today. I always think of big and old screens when I think of games, and because I personally don't play on small screens, I don't feel the necessity in making games for mobile devices. Also, some platforms like the iPad or iPhone require some supervisions and approvals that I don't like so much.

It feels more comfortable to release games on my website, the day that I feel it's OK to expand, you will know! 

Q. What type of games do you prefer making, and/or playing?

A: I like both simple-linear-action and exploration ones, always with secrets and riddles, lot's of boss fights and skill requiring parts. I like playing and developing those kind of games.
Q. As a free indie games developer, you state you make video games for "love". What do you intend to spread to players through your games?

A: I try to make games for playing, and understanding the playing definition as "engaging in games or other activities for enjoyment rather than for a serious or practical purpose".

I like the idea of coming back home after a long day of work, and just turning on the computer to kill a few martians and have a few spontaneous reactions of joy, anger, victory, fun...and basically taking "all the shit" out of myself.

Q. Your games have a real arcade-game style feel to them. I noticed on your website that you would love the era of arcades to be redefined for today. Why is this?

A: I remember arcade rooms as something really social and fun, where I had fun playing and talking about games with unknown people that live near me. That kind of interaction with people around a real place feels more social to me than nowadays network plays, where you only have a partial contact with other unknown people (just text or voice, often none of them), and become only special when I play with friends.


  1. An excellent interview with one of the most important and retro-esque indie devs around. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for reading it and enjoying it!

  3. Hello 8bg,
    Came here via Indiegames.com
    First time visitor here.

    Great interview - and I'm jealous that you have the time to i'view so many great people in such a short time!

    Great stuff.

    PS: If you'd like to read my 'Loco' interview/feature..

  4. Thank you justonemoregame!
    I am glad you like my interview with Locomalito! As for getting so many in such a short space of time, I sent off a batch of email requests in the space of a few days, and I was just lucky enough to get replies from the majority of them within the same time!

    They'll be plenty more to come. :)

    As for your Loco interview, I gave it a read from beginning to end and thought it was a superb interview. You asked some great questions!

    Thanks once again for the kind comment, and for checking out 8-BIT Girl! All the best for your blog! :)


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