Monday, 26 September 2011

Top 10 Games To Play When Drunk

Many gamers have played through a game or two under the influence of alcohol. Add in a few friends and gaming becomes an often hilarious experience when drunk.

Join me as I count down the ten most enjoyable games to play when drunk, and preferably, with some friends!.

10. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
The need to cause hefty amounts of destruction to the eighties set Vice City is only further added to when drunk. Rope in a few friends and take it in turns attempting to steer a car or two around the city. Turn the in-car radio on, and crank up the volume for a soundtrack comprised of eighties cheese. Somehow, that only enhances the hilarity. Sit back, and laugh as your drunk friends repeatedly struggle to drive their car for more than a few metres before crashing.

9. Wii Party

The Wii's motion censored controls are perfect for a whole host of party games,with Wii Party being an excellent example. The mini-games on offer provide a range of dexterity challenges, "friendship tests" (such as answering a set of questions about your friend), races, and more. Drunkenness definitely makes these mini-games much more difficult to complete, but thankfully, not in a frustrating way. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Wii Party makes it's way into the drunk list due to being a total laugh. 

8. Wii Sports

Motion control and drinking of course do not go together. Your bodies ability to balance starts to take a complete nosedive once a few alcoholic beverages have been consumed. Laugh as your friend bowls yet another gutter ball, or falls over whilst missing the ball during golf. Tennis provides an even larger challenge. One piece of advice though: move any valuables away from reach during this one. That old saying is right, it's very much like watching a bull in a china shop.

7. House of The Dead 2 (Wii edition)

If Wii Sports did not already make this clear, then I'll say it again-motion control and drunkenness do not mix successfully. However, it definitely makes for a hilarious experience. House of the Dead 2 comes bundled with House of the Dead 3 on the Wii, but it is the former that provides the most hilarity. The House of the Dead games are notorious for providing rather awful dialogue, and the second game holds the record for the worst. Poorly acted and incredibly cheesy, the dialogue is even funnier when listened to whilst drunk. Add in the zombie killing element with the inability to cease the WiiMote from erratically swaying in your drunken hand, and you're on to a real winner here.

Compete with friends to see how long you can make it through the game whilst intoxicated, whilst all the while chuckling at the hammed up dialogue. Brilliant.

6. Halo Reach (online mode)

Laughing at your friends whilst they accidentally blow themselves up with grenades (again) is funny enough whilst drunk. The obligatory Halo "teabagging" (look it up people) is even funnier. Add in some drunken banter, and this makes for a hilarious multi-player experience.

5. Mario Party series

Each entry in the Mario Party series provides a huge amount of mini-games, which only become more competitive and hilarious when drunk. The mini-games at times require a lot of concentration-something which is hard to grasp when intoxicated. Watching yourself and friends fail at the easier games is where the laughter comes in though.

4. Burnout Paradise

Like GTA: Vice City, the drunken fun in Burnout Paradise comes in the form of destruction. Somehow, the stunt runs and pursuits become a lot more fun when you have a bunch of drunken friends cheering you on. Create as much carnage as you wish, whilst gaining a great adrenaline high. 

3. The Rockband series

Rockband allows you and three other buddies to team up on the drumkit, guitar, microphone or bass, whilst the latest, Rockband 3, also includes a forth member on the keyboard. 

Like many warbling karaoke goers before this, the Rockband series allows so many drunk players to believe they are much better than they actually are. The drunken fun comes in when players team up for a big rock number. Think "More Than A Feeling" by Boston

2. Super Smash Bros. series

There is something strangely satisfying about beating up your friends in a video game. This is only further enhanced when you take the role of a memorable Nintendo character. The Super Smash Bros. series combines the classic beat 'em up game play with fun stages, excellent side-games (Brawl's Subspace Emissary is worth checking out) and a real sense of enjoyment. 

Arguably some of the best beat 'em ups ever, the Super Smash Bros. series becomes an even greater laugh when a drunk player is handed the controller. 

1. Mario Kart Wii

Like real life, driving should be avoided whilst drunk. The same can be said for the game which has claimed our number one spot, Mario Kart Wii

Hilarity ensues when you and your drunk friends try to make it through each of the excellent levels that Mario Kart has to offer. The real challenge lies in trying to complete Rainbow Road (or worse, Rainbow Road in mirror mode) whilst drunk. Good luck, you'll need it!

Games that narrowly made it into the list:
Donkey Konga, Left 4 Dead, and, the rather bizarre but somewhat hilarious when drunk, Don't Shit Your Pants.

Ones to avoid:
Unless you're fully prepared to drunk-proof your house, it is advisable to avoid the more active games, such as Just Dance and Zumba Fitness.


  1. You have gotta try out playing drunk split/second.
    Awesome blog :)
    Btw check out mine. I kinda ramble about games too.

  2. Thanks for the comments! I will indeed check out your blog Rohan92. :)

  3. no Katamari? Katamari is the best drunk game - bright colours, rolling up ridiculous items and the absurd sound effects!
    what is wrong with this list, seriously

  4. Love this! I especially like the the Mario franchise made it here multiple times. :) Playing Mario Party while drunk should be a riot. Great list!

  5. Anon: I've never played Katamari, although I'd love to! I've only including those that I have actually played. :)

    Jean: Glad you like the list! Gotta include some Mario games in there really!

  6. I loved to read the post and the different kinds of the games of the girls and also of the entertainment. This post is one of my favorite.


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