Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nintendo Legend Press Release

I have been reading Eric Bailey's reviews for a while now, and recently had the pleasure of interviewing him for 8-Bit Girl. Eric is the brains behind Eric uses to complete a time consuming, but awesome challenge. What is the challenge in question? Well, under the pseudonym of Nintendo Legend, Eric has pledged to play through and review every North American released NES game.

As you can imagine, that means a whole lot of gaming! Nintendo Legend reached it's one year anniversary, and Eric got in touch with me with a press release he has compiled to be displayed by myself on 8-Bit Girl

I send and Eric Bailey my congratulations, and I shall now leave you with the press release from Eric himself below.

NintendoLegend.comEric Bailey has loved the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console for over 20 years. Although he does enjoy picking up more titles, he has always been more of a player than a collector, preferring loose cartridges that he can actually push into the machine than any complete-in-box sets. He has a huge respect for such collectors, but a couple years ago, he had an issue when he was trying to research information on NES games he did not have and wanted to possibly try playing sometime.

He found that he was dissatisfied with the available reviews currently residing throughout the Internet. Nobody, not even certain NES experts, had a full set of trusted reviews available to browse. In fact, many sites that had a section specifically for NES reviews were woefully incomplete. But on sites with reviews for every title, like, the reviews varied wildly in their opinions, length, writing quality, factual legitimacy, and style. This was especially an issue for slightly obscure titles, where nobody could seem to agree on whether it was any good, nor could they express their opinion in clear terms.
Exactly one year ago, he began his mission to simply have one page on the Internet where all the NES titles were listed in alphabetic order, and each title had a review for it, with a rating score. Thus began the project, which he often describes as “one crazy retro gamer's quest to write a quality review for every NES video game ever released in North America.”
In one year, that first review has been followed by over 150 more, and has truly become a labor of love. What began as a generic Wordpress blog and a new Twitter account has blossomed into a website with 8-bit flavor, a humble following, and a swell of new visitors through NES-related Google searches and links from more prominent websites such as
“The best part of it, probably, is the conversations I've had the privilege of having with fellow retro gamers passionate about the NES,” Bailey explained. “There's always been a great source of enjoyment in finding commonalities with people, and retro gaming is no exception. I've had a blast doing this, and I think people are really beginning to realize that I'm serious about building this library of what I hope to be a complete collection of informative, comprehensive, well-written, fairly objective, enjoyable-to-read NES game reviews. We'll see.”
Despite a couple significant hiatuses brought on by “real life” events, questions concerning his direction and techniques, and the occasional minor controversy or disagreement brought on by a review or Facebook post, Eric has consistently shown a commitment to a formula of simply posting NES reviews, one after the other, as a following gradually builds to see him through the entirety of the challenge and wish him the best.

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