Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Review: Tappi Bear All In One 1

Tappi Bear All In One is the first Tappi Bear game that combines nine different games into one app. The company have since released more like this, but yet Tappi Bear All In One 1 is perhaps my favourite. The gameplay involved is frantic, challenging, but very addictive. Wario Ware is probably the best game series to compare Tappi Bear to, due to the sheer variety of games, the fast and frantic game play, and definitely, the addictive nature. The eight games included are:

Space Rush
For this one, Tappi Bear has been sent to space! Guide Tappi bear through space, avoiding any obstacles along the way, and collecting as many donuts for bonus points as possible. 
Donut Dance
Donut Dance works like Simple Simon and many other memory games-but with added dancing. Players must watch closely as a host of bears dance away, whilst passing a donut amongst each other. Once they cease their dancing, players must recall who is holding the donut last.

Be warned-this game gets incredibly fast and frantic, and will literally leave you cross eyed at times, but it's one of the most addictive games in this collection.
Donut Ninja
Players must tap the left and right sections of the screen to repel hoards of hungry ninjas by flinging donuts in their direction. If you slip up and the ninjas reach you, it is game over. Of course, with the frantic pace of each of these games, it's quite quick to reach game over, and Donut Ninja definitely proves that.

KungFu Battle
KungFu Battle is very similiar to Donut Ninja in actual fact. In this game, Tappi Bear has to fend off a hoard of enemy bears by swatting a nunchuck either on the left or right hand side. Donuts once again can be picked up for bonuses. 

Some enemies are tougher than others, which can be quite tense at times when a huge hoard is descending on your little bear. Also, game over is imminent very quickly, so this adds to the panic factor.

Tap Tap Jump
Tap Tap Jump sees Tappi swinging from a left and right vine in order to traverse up to donuts, and high scores. However, hit an enemy on the way up, and it's an immediate game over.

This was actually my least favourite game in the collection, as tapping left and right to swing to each vine is not always overly responsive. Also, it's incredibly hard to avoid enemy bears most of the time.
Chick Farm
Perhaps the cutest game in this collection, Chick Farm allows players to take control of a small pen full of chicks. The aim is to drag and drop the chicks away from dangerous sections in the pen, such as mud, and enemies. The score is based on how many chicks you have managed to save from death when the timer has reached zero.

As well as this being the cutest, Chick Farm is also one of the most enjoyable. It's a simple premise, but this simplicity really works. 
Trick or Tappi
My favourite game in this collection, Trick or Tappi is very similiar to another iPod App I love, Zoo Keeper. In this version, players must swap and change sweet treats to create groups of three or more. Donuts can be collected (surprise, surprise) as bonus points, and bombs occasionally drop, which allow you to wipe out a large area of the grid for more points.

Whilst this idea has been tried and tested many times before, it does not stop Trick or Tappi from being so overly addictive. Also, who can resist seeing a cute little bear in a wizard outfit, seriously?
Tappi Xmas
Tappi Xmas requires you to tip the iPod from side to side in order to navigate Tappi through a snowy course. Bigger scores can be achieved if you guide your cute little bear into presents, candy canes and, as with every other Tappi Bear game, donuts. 
Overall, Tappi Bear All In One 1 is an adorable, cute and addictive collection of games. Whilst some are definitely better than others, and all are pretty brief, there is plenty of re-playability here. The best in this collection is a tie between Chick Farm and Trick or Tappi for me personally.

I strongly suggest checking out Tappi Bear All In One 2 if you like the sound of this one!

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