Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Check out Drawception!

Bored of Draw Something yet? Yeah...me too. The lack of challenge and the repetitive gameplay got a little too tiresome after a while. Hardly anyone I know actually plays it anymore. But if you're after an alternative to Draw Something, well look no further than Drawception

Drawception combines the pictionary aspect of Draw Something with a visual form of Chinese Whispers. The game begins with a simple phrase. The first player draws this phrase, then the next player describes what is going on in the picture. The third player then draws what this player has described. Of course...not everyone is the best artist in the world, so soon enough, miscommunication sets in, and what you end up with is completely different to the phrase that originally started the round.

It's ten times more fun that Draw Something, and actually rather hilarious at times. 
Check out the example below (sorry it is so small, but hopefully you get the jist of it):

Try out Drawception. So far, it's a lot of fun!


  1. A bad Doodle or Die rip off? It was only a matter of time I guess

  2. It IS a lot of fun, just tried it but I now have too many games on the go!

    My username on there is Bradley3855

  3. this game is just like one I play "for real" I will start playing this when it lets me register.....


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