Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ExQuizit Review

Whether you enjoy a pub quiz or not, there's no denying that people love their general knowledge quizzes. There are a few around in game format, but one of the latest to hit the scene is Boboshi's ExQuizit, developed for the iPod Touch/iPhone
What makes this quiz game so great is it's re-playablity factor. Boasting over 12,000 questions spanned across seven different categories, there's plenty of reasons to come back for another round, as it's very rare that questions are repeated for quite some time. With a choice to play through 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 questions, the game also includes several modes to keep things interesting. First of all is the multiple choice mode, which personally I found the most enjoyable. There's also Time Attack mode which combines the element of multiple choice with a timer. The quicker you answer the questions, the higher your score will be. Classic mode presents the questions without any alternatives (bye bye multiple choice), and can actually be the hardest mode, especially if the expert questions are selected. Thankfully, each mode is also incredibly fun...and somewhat addictive, if quiz/puzzle games are your thing.

The game boasts a very smooth, simple but attractive interface that is simple to navigate. Also, the game integrates Gamecenter, which unlocks achievements for answering a set amount of questions, getting a certain combination of questions right in a row, and so on. This adds a little more incentive to the gameplay, which is nice. Another nice addition is the ability to select or deselect as many categories as you wish. So if you're not great at your science questions, for example, you can opt to remove this from the round and play with only those you feel more comfortable in. 
Overall, ExQuizit is a fantastic trivia app which is hard to fault. There are several game modes there to add a bit of variety to the proceedings, and it's a fun game to play with a friend (or six!). The questions vary in difficulty, so thankfully you will not be left complaining that the game is either too easy or too hard. My only criticism, and this is a minor one at that, is that the solo mode felt like it was lacking ever so slightly. It would be nice to be able to accumulate statistics, as there is no in-game record of your performance. Apart from this, ExQuizit is a fine trivia game. The game boasts a great interface, easy to read questions, a fun multi-player experience and an impressive amount of questions. For only 69p, you can't complain that there isn't enough here to keep you occupied. If trivia games are your thing...then it's probably worth picking this up. 

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