Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dead Island: Zombies are Coming!

There are plenty of zombie games available on the market, such as the Resident Evil series, or Left 4 Dead. September 2011 marks the release of Dead Island, an open-world game focusing on an island of the undead.

Dead Island will be played from a first person perspective, but it also combines melee combat, RPG elements such as an experience system, and four-player co-operative play. Dead Island is set in Palms Resort, an island promising tranquillity and relaxation, but nothing is as perfect as it seems. Soon after your chosen character has arrived on the island, a zombie outbreak has occurred. From here on in, the game becomes a fight for survival on an island swarmed with the living dead. The player must use a multitude of weaponry to tackle the zombie hoard.
As well as the main storyline, there are side-quests to complete, which can also be completed with another player. Zombies will range from the normal types to the "special infected", and these encounters will be randomly generated through the levels. Details on who these enemies are specifically have not been fully released as of yet. The exploration element of RPG's is present here, and players can often be rewarded for their exploration with weapons, or new objects for crafting.

Upon reading the information and viewing the trailer, Dead Island sounds very much like zombie slaying Left 4 Dead and it's sequel. A four player first person co-op, with special infected and tons of melee kills? It does seem like a case of "we've been here before" with this one, but the RPG elements should hopefully make this a much deeper and involved game than the Left 4 Dead games were. I look forward to having some first-hand Dead Island experience when the game hits the stores on the 9th September 2012.

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