Friday, 1 June 2012

Review: David Haye's Knockout

David Haye's Knockout was recently released, and promptly made it's way to the top of the App charts, gaining the #1 spots in these categories: Sports Game, Arcade Game, Games Chart, whilst claiming second place in the App Chart. It also comes from the Grubby Hands, the studio behind the charming Boy Loves Girl.

Surely this must mean this is a good game then, right? Well, armed with a review code, I decided to find out for myself.

On first glance, David Haye's Knockout is reminiscent of Punch Out, a Boxing series that I'm sure many of you are familiar with. The game sees players boxing it out as World Heavyweight champion, David "The Hayemaker" Haye. As Haye, you'll be pitted against three opponents which increase in difficulty as they go on. The first opponent, D. Boy, served as the more simpler of the three, and worked perfectly as an easy introduction into the games mechanics. However, he's swiftly followed by Big Bro and Little Bro, which is where the challenge kicks in.
The boxing is created by hitting the boxing gloves on the screen. Players can choose from different types of low and high blows, and can then build up combos to get a higher score, thus earning them the Hayemaker status. Swiping the screen will make Haye dodge and squat to the left or right to avoid any nasty blows from his competitors. Thankfully the boxing is fun, albeit rather brief. One issue I did have though is that, unlike other boxing titles, there is no count when an opponent has been knocked down. Instead, the opponent will just get back up or stay down on the floor. I know it's a little point to dwell upon, but I quite like the "counting to ten" part when you've floored an makes things a little more tense, and ultimately, victorious, if they do not rise again. 

As I just mentioned, the games duration is, for the most part, rather short. Only offering three opponents to fight against means that soon enough you can call yourself a champion. However, there is a bit of re-playability, thankfully. Trophies can be unlocked from completing objectives, such as achieving a particular combo. Also, achievements via the Game Center means that even if all three opponents have been defeated, players can go back and try to unlock the whole set. As well as this, scores are recorded via the Game Center, so that friends can see how well you are doing at the game. Many of us like our in-game gives us something else to aim for once the main game has been completed, so this is great news!
As for the games graphics, unfortunately this is where the game is let down quite a bit. The graphics are incredibly simplistic, whilst the colours seem a little too bright and garish. 

Overall, David Haye's Knockout is a fun little game, which should have been a lot longer. The graphics could have been improved upon somewhat. Gameplay is limited to only three opponents, which players will slug it out against again and again in order to unlock trophies and achievements. Whilst the trophies and achievements keep the challenge fresh, there is no denying that fighting these opponents over and over does get a little dull. However, all in all, it's a fun little game, nowhere near as charming as Boy Loves Girl, but it's definitely a good effort. If you're looking for a fun but brief boxing title for your iPhones, then this one is worth a look at. 

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