Thursday, 12 July 2012

Parallel Zombies Shambling Onto Android

There are plenty of developers jumping on the zombie game bandwagon nowadays. Many are brilliant, whilst there are others that are just plain awful. Judging by the trailer and screens, hopefully this one shall fall into the former!

Developed by PerBlue, Parallel Zombies is an Android-exclusive zombie hack and slash title. The game promises to see you hacking through hoards of zombies, either with other players in real time (with dropout multiplayer), or alone. 
Level up and you earn new skills, or you can collect components to craft new weapons. The game utilises GPS technology to connect with survivors on your street to protect the neighbourhood. Also, those who like their customisation can customise their character. Choosing from one of three class specialisations, your avatar will also use a chosen weapon and any chosen skills.

Justin Beck, PerBlue's Co-Founder and CEO says that Parallel Zombies marks our third title in PerBlue’s family of location-based mobile games. We’re excited to put an eerie 

spin on the classic zombie survival game. You never know, there might be a zombie lurking in your own backyard.” 

Parallel Zombies it out on the 19th July 2012. Check out the launch trailer below:

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  1. Zombie games are now popular these day because they bring excitement and challenge for players that's why they like to play this type of game.


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